Welcome to Texas Therapeutics

Founded in the year 2014, Texas Therapeutics has attained intact development over the last few years and grown to be the leading Pharma Manufacturing Company in prescription and nonprescription drug market of India. Being a trusted name for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Texas Therapeutics brings a wide range of medicine and products list acquiring efficiency, purity, quality, and affordability. Owning a vast set of Schedule M units in the economic zone, our company proudly brings you drug formulations based on pharmacopeial specifications, international regulatory norms, and medical reforms. Highest quality and maximum efficiency are extracted via medicine manufacturing under GMP & WHO process. These cover hundreds of formulations, packaging designs, optimum utilization of resources and amalgamation of expertise. The success of Texas Therapeutics is all credited to our unique and diversified portfolio of market-leading drugs along with strong research & development capabilities.

We have a wide product portfolio which is priory dominated by exclusive and quality medicine. We Manufacturer Neutraceuticals & General Range Products. Our General Range covers the Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Syrups Suspensions, Dry Syrups, Drops, Injectables. And we also manufacture the Neutraceuticals medicines that cover all categories like Eye, Liver- Health, Urology, Fairness Formula, Hair-Growth, skincare, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Cardiology, Antidiabetic, anti-infective, anti-fungal, ENT medicine range etc. Our products are widely accepted by leading pharmaceutical companies and patients. Our manufacturing units have the capability to produce over 500 million units of tablet/capsules along with 10+ million units of liquid medicines. Pure APIs along with extracted raw materials are used with complete assurance to optimal results.

Our company has brought together the pharma experts for a shared goal which is to research, development, and delivery of medicine which provide hope for a healthy and happy life. Thriving at successful demand for our medicines from leading pharma companies, marketers to patients, Texas Therapeutics has leveraged its key resources at its best. Our experience has propelled us to bring advancement in techniques and technology development. Thus, making us the top pharma manufacturing company in India.

Our Strength and Our Identity

Texas Therapeutics is dedicated to research, manufacturing and development of efficient, innovative, affordable and high in demand pharmaceutical medicine. Apart from this, the Company’s strength lies in the following:


Cost Effective Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Solution

With India’s on the growing economy and health reforms, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has increased over the years. Texas Pharmaceuticals contribute well towards meeting the increasing requirements of medicine in the country through 3rd party Pharma Manufacturing. The Company has manufactured a wide range of medicine and provides its services to numbers of marketing and research-based pharmaceutical companies throughout the country.

We keep our manufacturing methods up to date with the latest technology and trends to carter the needs to changing time and scenario in the healthcare industry. Our Company merged together years of experience and advance technology to deliver extensive medicine with superior quality at competitive prices. Counted among the most trusted third party Manufacturers in India, Texas Therapeutics meets the expectations of its associates by delivering them extract what they demand.

Manufacturing Facilities for Variety Products

The Company is capable of completing bulk orders right on time in state-of-art manufacturing facility which is entirely integrated with best machinery and equipment. We provide manufacturing in pharmaceuticals for all dosage forms which includes Antibiotics, Anti-cold, Anti-Ulcerant, Analgesic, Multivitamins/supplements (also Iron/calcium preparations), Our formulations are available in TABLETS, CAPSULES, SYRUP/DRY SYRUP, OINTMENTS, INJECTABLES, SUSPENSION & NEUTRACEUTICALS with Innovative Packaging.





Manufacturing of tablets is complicated and includes multi-stage process. The tablet range available at Texas is generally manufactured by wet granulation, dry granulation or direct compression. Our tablet range is defect free, stays for long time periods, have the right weight and drug content. The tablets are strong and hard, which withstand any mechanical shock while manufacturing, packing, shipping, and dispensing.

We manufacture both the hard filled capsules as well as the liquid filled capsules with complete precision and accuracy. The Company provides capsules which are produced in various sizes and color combination. Not only this, these capsules are available with all types of linear, circular & multicolor printing facilities. Quality of each and every product is kept in mind with the effectiveness and price of the product.

Our Company has the exclusive range of injections which covers the wide healthcare segment. The injection range is manufactured under the strict observation of our quality assurance team. We manufacture variety of injections such as Anti Infective Injectables, Pharmaceutical Injectables, Pre- filled syringes, Biological Injections, Cardiovascular Injections, etc.

Range of syrups available at Texas Therapeutics is manufactured by using the extractive drugs. We also provide chemically made syrups for different medical conditions. Our Syrups range cover cough syrups, iron syrups, calcium syrups, syrups for digestion, anti-allergy syrup, anti-fever syrup etc. The Company also deals in the Aromatic or adjuvant syrups which improve the taste of usual syrups.

Our Products

Why Texas Therapeutics for Pharma Manufacturing Services?

Since third-party manufacturing in Pharma industry provides numbers of benefits, it becomes important to choose the trusted and reliable pharmaceutical company for manufacturing. Texas Therapeutics assures delivering healthier and better result through its medicine range. Being a technology driven pharmaceutical manufacturing company our all products are exclusive and comes with best packaging.

Currently the company is dealing with pharmaceutical companies are small, medium size and also with some of the well-known names in the pharma sector as their third-party manufacturing formula. Our better formulations, completive prices for good profit margin, timely delivery and commitment to providing medicine for better life separates us from the rest of our peers in the industry.

Few More Reasons for choosing us For Pharma Manufacturing:

  • We work keeping in mind the modern healthcare ways and thus, deliver medicine with the highest quality standards for a better life of people.
  • Our Company encourages business minds to empower them by providing the best services and for better future of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Working towards changing the healthcare sector’s outlook in India, we focus on quality, courage, innovation, integrity, performance, and collaboration.
  • Texas Therapeutics is well equipped for facing any sort of challenged in the pharmaceutical sector through sciences and innovation.
  • Our infrastructure supports us well to manufacture and deliver the best quality medicine throughout the country right on time which is one of the basic regions for pharma companies to associate with us.